What was Mapping with MicroStation all about?
Mapping with MicroStation refers to a series of five books written to help people learn and use MicroStation in mapping/GIS environments. Thousand of the books were purchased by students and practitioners all over the world since the first one was published in 1995. They used our materials to become proficient with MicroStation… and we received plenty of unsolicited positive feedback from these users.

So what happened to the Mapping with MicroStation books?
Why have they been discontinued? Bentley’s move to MicroStation v8 introduced many significant changes to the DGN file format and the user interface. Most of these changes are great, but an inordinate amount of time would be required to update the books once again… and with our new focus on web GIS, we don’t have the resources [if you do, let us know].

Are Mapping with MicroStation books and materials still available?
Yes, copies of the Macro Programming text (volume 4) are still available while in-stock quantities last. The entire Foundation book (volume 1) and samples of the other volumes (in PDF format), along with magazine articles, macros, and other resources, are posted on this site. Contact us by email if you are interested in volume 4, a special print order, or any material not posted.