Use GeoData to Research Holiday Destinations

As an example lets say you are traveling to Roma in QLD to visit relatives and have a holiday. You can use the internet, Google maps and the Geodata that goes along with those services to get a good idea of the area and what to do while you’re there.

You can find out general information:

Roma is a very special place in the Queensland province in Australia. It is Maranoa district that is found in South West of Queensland. It is widely known due to its gas and oil production ability as well as many other points of tourist attractions. It is a town which is more than 500 kilometres towards North Western Brisbane on rail. It is situated in a wheat growing Maranoa district.

Origin of the town

This town originated in 1867, and it was named after the wife’s governor of Queensland; by that time, she was nicknamed ‘Roma’ due to her Italian origin. It is an electoral district to Maranoa, and it has a population of about 7000 people.

Motels, Hotels, churches and hubs  

There are several blocks of these hotels, churches and hubs that are situated right in the heart of the town. Roma Accommodation is available on all the main streets nearby the towns’ attractions. These are located within the centre of this town. It is a walking distance if a person is planning to move from one hotel to another. St Pauls Anglican church is arguably the biggest church in this town, and it has got the biggest number of attendants.

Local attractions       

There are several attraction points in Roma that most people go to see from all the corners of Australia and others from New Zealand. These attraction sites are great and so many people enjoy being there and visiting this town in the Queensland. The attraction sites that attract tourists are discussed below.

  • Big Rig. This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Roma Queensland. It is a park that provides not only nights of accommodation, but also several sceneries and leisure services as well. It is a top site that people wish to visit Australia just to enjoy it. It is a site to remember the pioneers of the oil and gas mining in the region.
  • Oil and Gas museum. This is yet another wonderful attraction site that makes so many people travel miles to come and witness. Roma is a rich town as it is a gas and oil producer; this museum carries all the information concerning the oil production procedures and product sample. It is a good venture.
  • Carnavon Gorge and national park. These two sites are found on the north of the town, and it is a good site for tourist destination. Carnarvon Gorge is widely considered and known by many people, and it is one of the most visited places since it is also situated inside the Carnavon National park.
  • Romavilla Winery. This is the oldest winery in Queensland. There are several people paying attention to it, and visit it in order to have a good time with such a good industrial venture.

Use the Geodata in Google Maps to get an aerial view of the town: